Nearing the end of this strain of "stage mom" fever

Yes, I went to "Grease" again. Fourth (and last) time. The show ends tomorrow, but I won't go because someone has to play the organ at church while the regular organist is singing "Mooning Over You" and "We Go Together" onstage. Jim will be there though.

I promise this will be the LAST time that I post pictures of Katie in "Grease." But actually these pictures are mostly of Katie and other cast members after the performance. I had to take lots of pictures because this is Katie's last high school musical. As always, clicking on the picture brings up a bigger version of that picture. Oh, by the way, Katie lettered in Speech this spring! Another patch for the letter jacket!

Pink Ladies: L to R Sandy, Rizzo, Jan, Marty, Frenchy
Katie and the guy who played Danny Zuko:
Burger Palace Boys and Pink ladies:

And because I love shoes, this is a picture of Katie's footwear throughout most of the show. And this is the pose her feet are usually striking.


Jen said…
It looks like Katie had the time of her life. She will love that you've documented it so well for her to come back years later and read about her "Grease" adventure.