Jazzy post

I don't have much time to post because I volunteer at the elementary school this morning and then I have to go grocery shopping.

Yesterday was tres busy. I went on a field trip with the elementary school student council (Matt is a 3rd grade representative). I have a picture to post from that, but it's on my phone so I'll have to do that later.

Last night Katie and Paul played at the District Jazz Band concert--Paul in the middle school jazz band "Heatwave," and Katie in the Varsity Jazz band from the high school. The concert was fun and Grandma Olsen came to watch. She made me WORK! though. I had to knit on a sock while listening to music. Wah.

To the left is Paul on trumpet.

To the right is Amber(?) and Katie on piano. Katie had to explain that the reason she is wearing a hot pink headband with a yellow, white and gray sweater is because she was at "Grease" rehearsal until it was time for the jazz band concert and she didn't have time to redo her hair.

"Grease" starts this Friday.


froggybaby said…
We're excited for Grease and we can't even see it! Of course, you'll post photos (and email me a few real ones for my books). Happy "blatting" to Paul. He is getting rather older!