That was taken this morning. A perfectly lovely picture...IN DECEMBER. Not for the first of April. Both Katie's car and Jim's car were frozen shut this morning. We had to pour hot water around the car doors for several minutes to get them unstuck.

Katie is, I think, back to Central Daylight Time. Yesterday was a full day for her, and it was a tough one because of jet lag. I talked to two chaperones yesterday who also had a tough time sleeping.

Katie had "Contest" yesterday (it's like a regional tournament for band students. They play solos and ensembles and get judged). She played a solo (got a Superior--38 out of 40), a duet (got a Superior) and a trio (Superior). Her judge was a tough one (says the band director) but he was very impressed with Katie's playing. Now if she would get on the ball and send in an audition cd for the U of U's School of Music so she can take music classes next fall! And apply for dorm residence!

I just talked to Katie on the phone and she said she's going to work on her Prom dress today. So we will have more in the Prom Dress Saga later on.

Paul starts track today. How can they practice in all this snow? I don't know what they will do. I don't even know what events Paul wants to participate in. I'm hoping he'll do running. He's got a runner's body--you can hardly see him from the side, and he's all legs. And we think he is officially the tallest person in our family.


Dennis said…
It usually took me 2 weeks to become fully adjusted to the time change upon return home. Going there wasn't a problem but coming home took longer to adjust. Of course age probably played a major role.
froggybaby said…
The snow looks nice. I miss it!! Spring Break in FL has been a little cool. Today it warmed up to low 80's. I sent you a package today. 2 somethings for you, and 2 somethings for Jimmy and Paul to fight over. Enjoy.