Tooting the horn (or clarinet)

So: band performance tonight.

They played such fun songs! They have improved over the course of this year and are sounding so together! They are doing harmonies now and doing some interesting rhythms. The very last song was the theme from "Star Wars" and the director used a lightsaber as her conducting baton! Matt liked that.
Here is Hayley with two friends. The friend on the right was in the choir, which also performed. One of the songs they sang was "Glow-worm." Sadly, the kids did not hold one of the notes long enough for me to stand up and yell, "Turn the page, you fathead!"*

After band, we went back home and had a little bonfire in our firepit. Hayley has been bugging us to roast marshmallows, so we indulged her. Now we all smell like we've been hickory-smoked with vile-smelling hickory. No wonder no one sells barbecue sauce flavors like "lilac-wood-smoked" or "old-logs-from-under-the-deck-smoked."

*If you don't know what I'm talking about, go here. You need to know this stuff.


froggybaby said…
Hey, see the chorus t-shirt? That is what I'm hoping our reunion shirts look like. But I would have loved to have been there had you had the grand opportunity to yell out "Turn the page you fathead." That would be great!
Dennis said…
I'm so glad all of you were introduced to really good music like Spke Jones. Now that's class.
Froggybaby, didn't we used to say "bathead" instead of "fathead?" And I seem to remember getting into an argument with cousin Bill over bathead vs. fathead, each side maintaining that the other word didn't make sense. Of course, cousin Bill, being older, was right.
froggybaby said…
Right you are. Bill was correct; we were silly and stupid. And wrong.
Jen said…
I have on idea what either of you are talking about, but I'd just like to comment that it's fun to hear that Hayley did well at her recital. I really hope my girls will be musical one day. Annie's got a good sense of keeping in tune. Mimi, not so much.