Not-so-Speedy Delivery

I volunteered for Meals on Wheels today. Our Relief Society has a route every Thursday and today was my turn. (It's been a day of volunteering--I was at the elementary school for an hour and a half this morning). Delivering lunches was really easy! The coordinator had my route in a binder and very explicit directions to the 8 residences I was to deliver to. The coordinator gave me a few instructions, then I grabbed the cooler and hot bag and took off in my minivan! The people who came to the door were all really friendly and grateful for the food and the service. I made all the deliveries but one--when I called the number to have her come to the door and buzz me in (it was at an apartment), whoever answered the phone hung up on me. I waited around for several minutes, but no one appeared at the door. So I left. The coordinator said that was the policy--and food was not to be left out for them, unless they've set out a cooler with ice in it. And she had no cooler and ice. Anyway, I hope that lady is all right. No one was at the Meals on Wheels center when I went to return the food bags and the binder. Except for that one missed delivery, it was a really cool way to be of service.

And now that I'm home, I am dead tired. All that driving around wore me out. I don't know why--it wasn't a strenuous exercise--and I was gone only two hours. I think maybe trying to follow directions while driving, and approaching people I have never met before drains my energy. It's even hard to type.

But I'm not so tired that I can't give a prom dress update. Sleeves are in. Lining has been attached, although not properly finished (Katie needs to stitch the lining to the seam allowance to reduce the propensity for the lining to roll out).

PS--while Katie was in China, she went to a pearl shop and found a yellow pearl necklace and bracelet to match her prom dress! And she bought gold strappy sandals at Target. And we might have enough fabric left over to fashion a purse to match. She'll be all accessorized!


froggybaby said…
Lovely dress!! It is turning out so nice!! You are way better at altering patterns and such than I am. The dress is so lovely and with all the accessories, she'll be gorgemous. I'm very proud of you for your meal delivery. I have done nothing of service all break. I'm just recouperating and getting up my nerve to go back to school for the last 9 weeks! Heaven help us. But that dress is so pretty!!
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The dress looks beautiful! I love sewing, I've made pajama pants and an apron but I wouldn't be caught dead wearing either. You are so talented!