She'll be coming 'round the mountain when she comes

Hayley agreed to be recorded while playing a song, and she even agreed to having the recording posted here on the Shoebox Castle. Maybe when Hayley goes to Florida for the summer, Aunt Jen can record her playing a song and post it on the blog so that Grandma Olsen--otherwise known as Grandma Piano Teacher--can still hear Hayley play and give her lessons. It's either that or do lessons over the phone.


Dennis said…
Fortunately you children (at least you and Jen) inherited your mother's music genes. I can only play a radio or CD player and I don't even own nor want an ipod. I do, however, enjoy listening to music of all kinds exccept, perhaps, jazz.
Anything but jazz? Great, I'll get you a rap cd!
Jen said…
Awww, great job, Hayley! She's so shy, I am very surprised she let you do this:)
froggybaby said…
Such a nice rendition! We are excited to have her visit and I've been thinking of sinister plans for when she is here. All the horrible things we'll do and the pictoral documentation!!