Ratting and ricotta

Just a sour note to begin with: It's snowing again. Woe is Minnesota. Someone told me there is forecasted 10 to 12 inches overnight. This is the spring that wasn't. Alas.

Now for the funner stuff.

I realize that I blog a lot about Katie. But she is a very busy child and she won't be living with us for much longer. Here she is, ratting her hair to get it more 50s-ish for the play. Her hair needs to be TALLER and BIGGER and POUFIER than it ever has been! Rat for your life, Katie!
Now for ricotta. I made some today from dry milk, proving that if I ever have to live off of what's in my pantry, I can still have cheese in some form. And yes, it looks like cauliflower. And if you don't season it, it is somewhat bland. All cheese needs to be salted. Anyway, I made some ricotta. It is super easy!

I also made some sweetened condensed milk out of powdered milk, but I didn't take a picture. I'm going to use the sweetened condensed milk to make a custardy cheesecake. Yummy! Go me!


Jér said…
Congrats on the cheesemaking success!

To make more flavorful ricotta, consider investing in a sheep or water buffalo. Which you can milk yourself in times of famine. A bonus: when dried, their dung makes great emergency fuel! And maybe it is also nutritious & delicious?

If you made ricotta salata and bought (or grew!) some lovely eggplant, you could make it into pasta alla Norma. Which is what they serve IN HEAVEN.