Jim's baseball instructional camp

The weather was the warmest it's been in six months--it was 63 delicious degrees here, according to my van. When we were driving to and fro on our various errands this afternoon, the yards were filled with children and dogs and women in shorts and men without shirts (men, please put those shirts back on; that beer belly doesn't make you look nearly as handsome as you think it does! Please!).

So rarely do I mention the husband here at the Shoebox Castle, that when he told me he was going to go outside with Matt and teach him how to catch, I immediately thought it was a good opportunity to get some footage of him to put up here. Hayley, being the tomboy that she is, wanted to play catch too. The weather was too nice not to take advantage of it.

So here are some pictures of Jim and his apprentices, practicing the art of catching a fly ball.

This is how you hold your glove:

Here comes the ball!:

Matt makes a sno-cone catch, backhanded:

Matt illustrates the ballet catch:

Hayley gets underneath the ball, ready to catch it.


froggybaby said…
Matt reminds me muy much of Jake and Mike. I'm glad it was so nice out for you. The snow disappeared quickly. And, nice to see some Jim footage. Travis enjoys going out to the driveway with the girls to play catch and tennis. I'll have to try to get some footage, not that I'll be able to download it. Looks like fun was had by all!!