I love technology

But not as much as you, you see,
but I still love technology
Always and forever

OK I'm over my griping about my computer and my phone. I tried the connection again and it worked! I had tried emailing or texting the picture to myself, but couldn't figure out how to do it.

So here are some random pictures from my phone. This first one is the one I wanted to post of Matt at Feed My Starving Children. He is grimacing because he had to reach really far to dump the soy protein powder into the funnel. Or he needed to sneeze.

Contest time! Guess what this is? Well, not the garage--that's obvious, it's my garage. Guess what the thing in the foreground is. Clicky on the picture to see it a little larger. Be the first to correctly guess what this is a picture of and I will send you an odd assortment of stickers, several paper clips and a single earring that I found while cleaning out my junk drawer. And a cassette tape of me playing the intro and all four verses of "Lord, I Would Follow Thee."


froggybaby said…
a glow worm, a meteorite, a comet, a UFO, a glow stick, a fire fly, a light saber, i just don't know.
Jen said…
Is it a fluorescent light?!? I have no clue, deary. Man, I really wanted that rare recording of you, too. The one earring would have been great as well.
Sorry! No prize for you either. Yes, it is an extremely rare recording--we think it's the only one in existence.
Jen said…
Well, then you have to tell us since we were the only contestants.
It's a straw wrapper stuck to the inside of my van windshield.

Nobody wins! I get to keep my rare recording! HA HA HA! I'll give the stickers to my kids since I'm nice like that.
Dennis said…
Wait, I didn't get to guess and guess what? I was going to say it was a straw wrapper stuck to the inside of your windshield. Can I at least have the earring?
dang it. i was going to gess it was the orb(or flash) of wonder that appears in pictures randomly.
Rozzie said…
oh ya well i didnt get to guess i cal redo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hmmmmm. i guess a straw wraper stuck to the inside of your car!!!!!!! or as my mommy said a UFO. but I think its a straw wraper stuck to the inside of your car.. YAYYYY i won the one earing pair!!!!