Jimmy Evans' Day Off

Ferris Buehler took a day off school illegally. Jimmy waits until school isn't in session to have a day off (parent-teacher conferences at the high school, which I am not going to because Jimmy is getting mostly As).

What does our protagonist do on his day off?

He does not use his stereo to fake like he's snoring or really sick. He doesn't have a stereo. But he does have an mp3 player, which he uses to listen to Third Eye Blind with outside noise reducing headphones so he can't hear his mother telling him to make his bed.
Jimmy does not call up his friend to get him to skip school with him. He emails his friends and tells them he's awesome.
Jimmy doesn't go to a restaurant in Chicago with his friends, nearly running into his own father. He has to unload the dishwasher. Then he threatens his mother with the measuring cup. She is not scared.
Jimmy does not infiltrate a parade to sing "Danke Schoen" with a bunch of women. He reads sci/fi-fantasy books by Brandon Mull.
Jimmy doesn't go to the museum and look at pointilist paintings of parks. He has to fold his clothes and put them away. Tom Servo the cat watches to make sure Jimmy does it right.
Jimmy also doesn't try to fake out the school principal regarding his absence from school. Nor does he get his girlfriend an excused absence so she can take part in the skipping-school shenanigans. He does accept phone calls from people wanting to hire him as a day laborer to help them pack up books.
He doesn't swim in other people's pools when they aren't home. He only comes when he's been invited and and he works. These are the boxes.
And these are the books to go into the boxes.
Jimmy was slightly annoyed with me for following him around with a camera this morning. The lady who hired him on as a packer of boxes thought it was strange, but funny. And I didn't stay long. I have no point to this post other than to up Jimmy's numbers in the labels section.


froggybaby said…
I want a day off!! Can I have one? Please? Although, I don't want to spend it packing books. No. Looks like he had a nice restful day. And, watch out for the measuring cup. You just never know.
Jen said…
You are a good mom:) Jimmy may not appreciate it now, but he love you for it later.

Oh, and I want a day off, too.