Just today, we have experienced a massive influx of new shoes here at the Shoebox Castle. Last fall, I made the mistake of purchasing all the kids' tennis shoes at a venue known more for low prices than quality footwear. All the kids who do not purchase their own clothing (everyone but Kate) have holey shoes. And Matt's shoes reek like he'd been marinating them in eau de swamp. Thus we headed off to Kohl's today for a round of shoes for everyone (except Jim and me--apparently I have more than enough shoes. Hmmmpf)

And since this blog is called the Shoebox Castle, it would stand to reason that every so often, a picture of a pair of shoes would be on view. So here are Hayley's new tennis shoes. She also got new church shoes and new school shoes (the child has recently undergone a foot size upgrade).

Pretty, no?

I love shoes.


froggybaby said…
That reminds me of the boys getting new tennis shoes (Zips) and they would ask us to watch how fast they could run now. They would also "Zip a big Z". Hayley's shoes are rather pretty!
HA! I forgot all about the Zips!

Yeah, I want shoes like Hayley's.