Cinderella is home from the ball

...but she stayed out way past midnight.

And so her limo turned into a little green sedan, her carefully coiffed hair turned into a tangle, and the dress turned into jeans, tank top, and hoodie sweatshirt. The shoes managed to stay on her feet though, but I, the evil not-step-mother, did find a lone sock on the driveway this morning. But I don't have to search the kingdom for the foot that fits this sock--I just tossed it in the laundry.

Katie came home at 4:30 a.m. I was vaguely aware of the front door opening and feet shuffling downstairs, and the basement door opening and closing. When I went downstairs in the morning, I saw that she had just dropped her pretty dress on the floor and crashed on the couch. And her car wasn't in the driveway. I had to wake her up to investigate the alleged disappearance of her car. She explained with bleary eyes and not-quite-coherent wording that she was so tired on the way home that her friends just dropped her off at home rather than taking her to her car and letting her drive home. We picked up her car on the way to church--all ended well.

The kids in the duct tape outfits got all kinds of comments and stares. One person approached them and asked if he could take a picture of them for his fashion blog. Another, a purse designer, offered them a summer job! The girl wore her duct tape dress to church! Katie wore hers too.

Anyway, Katie had a great time. Now she needs to sleep, but probably won't get it any time soon. She needs to work on a public speaking project this evening.


froggybaby said…
YAY what fun. I'm impressed that she went to church the next day!! Down here, no one wears their prom dresses to church. I liked that tradition. I printed up a picture for the YW at church and they were very impressed by the duct tape - who wouldn't be - and they also thought Katie's dress was really pretty. They loved the color and style. You know, girls looking for appropriate dresses when all they see is a sea of boobs everywhere!
Yeah, Katie said that at the actual Prom, several girls "had a hard time keeping them in." (She's so glad she had THE surgery...)
Dennis said…
One time when I came home late from a date or elsewhere my dad locked up the house and I couldn't get in. Fortunately Steve woke up and opened our bedroom window and as I was climbing my dad snuck up on me and shot me in the rear with his pellet gun. He said he thought it was a burgler (sure, uhhuh, yea right). I'm glad Katie had such a good time. She looked so pretty.
I'm sure the duct tape kids got a lot of comments. At least they were colorful, but I'll bet they were pretty warm. How did they make their outfits? Did they tape duct tape to existing clothing or construct the whole outfit from scratch?
They used patterns, but everything was made from scratch. They cut pieces out of super heavy duty interfacing and taped onto that, then instead of sewing the pieces together, they taped them together. Even the zipper was taped on.
Jen said…
It's funny that Jenni mentioned people down south not wearing their prom attire to school because I don't think I've ever seen anyone do it either since MN.

When I was teaching a teacher friend of mine brought pictures from our prom that year, and I was appalled at how "immodest" so many girls looked. I would dare even say that some of those girls may have gotten arrested if walking on the street in the wrong part of town...if ya know what I mean.