We've just had a marvelous evening! Jim and I took Katie and Grandma out to dinner at Dave's newest restaurant (well, it's not HIS, but he's the executive chef of the company and does menu development etc. Marissa or Dave, correct me if I'm wrong). That was so nice! The food was good and we LOVED the flourless chocolate cake we had for dessert. We enjoyed our meal.

Then we drove downtown to drop off Grandma and Katie at Orchestra Hall so they could attend a concert featuring James Galway and his wife, Jeanne. Jim and I walked around downtown; I took lots of pictures (check some of them out on my flickr page).

At the end of the concert, I held a place in the autograph line for Katie and Grandma and Jim had parked the car right at the front entrance of the Hall so we could get out of downtown as fast as possible. Katie was dying to meet Sir James, being the avid flutist that she is and he is. She bought a cd for him to autograph and she got giggly as the line scooted forward. Finally, she got to exchange a few words with the eminent flute player and his wife, who encouraged her to keep practicing. Katie told Sir James that she played "Carnival of Venice" by Bricci-something-or-other (she knows the composer, I don't) and Sir James said, "Ooh, that's a difficult one." So now both Grandma and Katie have James Galway's autograph. Both Katie and Grandma gushed over his playing, his flute, and Lady Galway's hair and dress. I was able to listen to the last few songs while I sat in the lobby waiting for the concert to let out. There was a large screen TV in the lobby as well that displayed a video feed from the concert so I did get a taste of the concert. I don't mind missing it; Jim and I had a fun time walking around downtown.

Katie and Grandma (with unfixable devil eyes) nearly at the signing table.

Sir James and Lady Jeanne.


froggybaby said…
Such high falutin (kindof a pun) names!! No more buttered scones for me, mater, I'm off to play the graaand piano and fly and aeroplane. Glad you had fun!! Speaking of signings, are you going to Stephenie Meyers' book signing at the Mall of America? Are you getting her new book that comes out on Tuesday? I keep forgettin to ast you that!!
Jen said…
Sounds like you ladies had an entertaining evening. I wish i could do that kind of stuff regularly with you guys.