Another T-shirt makeover

This time with a coral-colored T-shirt from Target. I'm amazed there was anything as colorful as coral in the plus-size section. On the clearance rack, no less.

I fiddled with the shirt at my mother's while she gave piano lessons to Budgie and Cheeky (yes, Cheeks is back on piano lessons after 8 or 9 months off during school--it was at her request too. She said since Honor Band and jazz band were over, could she have piano lessons back? Would Grandma allow that? I chuckled and said Grandma would be very happy to have her back).

I don't have before or during pictures of the shirt, just the end result. And this time, I got fancy with some leftover tulle and beads.
Bead detail
And on me.
I think it looks a little top heavy, and I don't like the pocket (which you can't really see in the photo), but it will do. I was going to cover the pocket with a rosette made out of the hem of the T-shirt I cut up, but...ack!...I left it at my mother's house. Mom, don't throw my scraps away! I left them on your basement sewing room table by accident. (yes we have to specify basement sewing room, because SHE HAS TWO SEWING ROOMS.)

I have a dark gray shirt, a lavender one, and a navy blue one still waiting redesign. I think I will forgo the ruffles and tulle. Maybe I'll do some flowers. I have some black and clear beads that I think would go well on the gray shirt.


Jenni said…
You done very good!! You are getting quite good at this. And good for Hayley going back to piano.
Jen said…
I meant to comment on this creation, too. Tres chic! Now you've got three beautiful, new shirts. I want some new shirts.