Sick of coughing

I have coughed a lot the last few days. I have coughed enough to tone my upper body in ways it has not been toned before. Yesterday was the worst; my cough and I duked it out over control of my lungs til both of us were weak and weary. I won though, today, my cough is languishing and my muscles are not threatening to burst.

I was able to work today, even though while at work, I was unable to do a cartwheel and a bridge. I did, however, manage a somersault. I have skillz, yo.

After work, Hayley shared with me her latest internet fascination, Bad metaphors. Go there and laugh. I pity my preteen and adolescent self, with only four channels on the TV and no internet to amuse me.


Jen said…
I'm sorry to hear that you are still dealing with that dreadful cough. They never seem to go away, but I hope you heal quickly.

I got a good laugh at the bad metaphors. Some of those were very painful to read. Some were really funny though like the one about the boat floating across the water the way a bowling ball wouldn't. Ha! If this is what teenagers do to entertain themselves, then I feel like there is hope for my future teenagers. Right?!?
Alas, Jen, there is no hope. For not only was Hayley looking up bad metaphors, but she was watching Llamas with Hats on youtube. Caaarrrllll!

No. Don't look that up. Don't.


I warned you not to look.
Dennis said…
Bad metaphors was hilarious. Now I'm going to have to find Llamas with hats.
Dennis said…
That was incredibly bad Caaaarrrrrllll.
Jeannine said…
Thanks for the link to Bad Metaphors. I loved it, and then had to hit the next button several more times. I really needed the laughs today!