Ten things in five minutes

Because five minutes is how long I have before I have to leave for work.

1. Matt gave his first talk in church yesterday. As he walked up to the podium, it began its descent to match his height. He watched it lower itself and said, "I dream of that not taking so long." Ever the comedian.
2. I have to give a talk next week AND play the organ. Let's see if I can screw both tasks up!
3. That will make 3 weeks in a row someone from my family has spoken in church. Paul and Jim better be ready.
4. It's a nice day!
5. Wish I could spend it outside digging holes in the yard
6. To plant new flowers.
7. Because of my new temporary work schedule, Jim is in charge of dinner for the next two weeks.
8. But if I don't want Taco Bell, pizza or spaghetti every night, I have to tell him exactly what to fix. Tonight his assignment is homemade burritos and I have already made the meat filling.
9. Working women who STILL have to worry about dinners are tired people.
10. Time to go.


Jenni said…
Did everyone just die? That is such a 40-something comment - - not a 12-year-old comment. He is so funny!! Isn't it nice to have kids with a sense of humor?

I want to be at home binding quilts.

Dinner? Oh, yeah, dinner...
Jen said…
Matt! He has so much Mike in him. Seems he wasn't at all noivous for his talk. That's great at such a young age. I still get queazy at the thought of having to give a talk. I'll try to catch up with you this week some time about SCRUBS.