I am a material girl

I was in a T-shirt redesign mode yesterday. The gray shirt cost me $3--clearance rack happiness! I bought two. I had beads on hand, so no cost there.

Here is what I did to the gray shirt.

I call this picture "Robbing the Peter shirt to make the Paul shirt look prettier."
Here are three of the circle piles I cut out. I cut out a total of five. They are going to be flowers.
I hand-sewed them on the neckline of the shirt.
Bead detail. Black beads, clear beads and white beads.
On me:
I made the fabric circles by cutting a three-layered square off the scrap shirt, folding it in half, and cutting a half circle. Some of the squares I cut were on the edge of the shirt so they included a fold. This is what Matt did with those folded scraps, which had two holes in them:

Can he get any weirder? (And I see Other Jim's face in there)

Hayley got in on the chin protection action, under pressure from me. I think I owe her big now for posting the pictures on the blog.

I don't owe Matt anything since he seems to have no qualms about posing for pictures doing the strangest things.


Jen said…
Ooooh, me likey! I remember when grey was making a comeback, and I shunned it. Now half my wardrobe is full of various shades of grey.

Matt, whatever are we going to do with your crazy brain? You'll probably become a dentist.

You definitely owe poor Hayley. She's a teenager now. You can't humiliate her anymore without it affecting her social life.
Karie said…
Love, love, LOVE your redesigns! Way to be crafty!