It's Prom o'clock!

It's a drizzly day in the neighborhood, but that didn't stop several teenagers from getting dressed up to go to Prom.

Paul and his date Nicole

The bunch of lovely young ladies and dashing young men
The boys try group shoulder massages
Paul and Jim
And once again, Paul and NicoleMy advice to Paul was "Your job is to make sure she has a good time."

I hope they both enjoy the evening.


Jenni said…
Paul looked dashing (get it? He is a runner). Very nice pictures. And your advice was perfect.
Jenni said…
And my wv was "flacula" What does that mean?
Jen said…
Wow, Paul is looking so different (and handsome) these days (not that he wasn't handsome before). And is that an expression I see on his face. Now I know what we need to do to get him to make different expressions for his senior pictures...bring that girl:)

P.S. Paul's date is beautiful. Was this a Mormon prom they attended because everyone is dressed so modestly?