Last Seminary lesson preparation for this school year

Folks, I am mighty tired. Seminary has been a huge chunk of my school year and I am eagerly awaiting next Wednesday--the last seminary day of this school year! (it's also the day I leave for my Florida trip)

Tomorrow is my last day of teaching seminary for the year and I have just spent the last two hours making up a round-robin, puzzle-and-quiz lesson for teaching the Articles of Faith. I used lots of paper. I would like to high-five Puzzlemaker, because without it, some of my lessons would be boring (and my Valentine's day treasure hunts would take longer to create).

Because I feel the need for pictures today, here are some from this year in seminary. All are taken with my camera phone, so they are small and kinda blurry.

This is the day I saw a rainbow in class.
I like this one, because J saw that I was taking a picture and she leaned over to make sure she was in it. She might have a future in Photobombing or "creeping."
Paul and his friend read out loud for the class.
Paul leads the class in reciting a scripture.
I'll have three months off, then I'll be back to waking up at 4:30 a.m. (and then again at 4:40 a.m. Must hit snooze at least once) and making up lessons that involve word-finds and crosswords.


Jen said…
Wow, it has been such a busy year for you. You deserve a break. So will you get to repeat the lessons next year, or all new ones? I'm assuming new for 4.

This is off topic but kind of related. I had a YW activity at churc last night, so Mike stayed home with the girls. They were watching AFV when all of a sudden a very tall man walked into our living room and said he was here for bible study. I guess the guy was very embarrassed. So funny!
I bet you were a great teacher. Those kids are lucky. :)
Jen, all new ones. This year's curriculum was based on the Doctrine and Covenants. Next year will be based on the Old Testament.

Thank you, Stephanie.
Jenni said…
Reason for celebration. I think you should come celebrate down here!! Oh, good, I'll see you next Wednesday!
TaterBean said…
I didn't know you were going to FL, take me with you...I seem to recall some really cool people down there.