Polishing for Prom

The prom prep is swinging into high gear here.

The corsage has been ordered, the suit picked up, the vest and tie procured, and the hairs cut.

Last thing to do?

Polish the shoes.
I didn't realize people actually polished their shoes anymore. We've become such a disposable society--if things break, we toss 'em rather than fix 'em. If shoes look scuffed, we get new ones. But Jim sat down with Paul and taught him a little lesson on thriftiness and making do by showing him how to polish his shoes.

And just by accident, I caught Paul smiling on camera. He had been making annoying faces, but then as he laughed about my inability to get a "good" photo of him, I captured that elusive Paul-ish smile.


James said…
Hahaha Paul's polishing his shoes! If i would have known he wasn't renting shoes i would have said he could try my tux shoes on and wore them if they fit.
Your shoes are still here? I thought you took all your tux stuff with you.

And I am tickled that you actually looked at the blog.
James said…
I left my tux shoes at home. And yep im looking at it more often.
Jen said…
Paul, ever the prepared young man, I'm sure.