South Dakota

Jim and I met Mike and Jen at my mom's house for our trip to Mike's new office in Watertown, South Dakota. Mike invited me along so I could offer any opinions regarding the decor of my future place of employment. (Yes, I am planning to accept Mike's offer to work for him. A while ago, Jen asked me if when I was young would I have ever considered working for Mike. I would have said, "HECK NO." But Mike has mellowed a bit and I won't actually have to work under his nose most of the time anyway. He's letting me work from my own house. We'll see how it works out!)

The following photos constitute a pictorial essay from the trip.

Jen and Vi, two of our traveling group.

This is the view point from behind the front desk in the new offices of Prairie Ridge Endodontics. Mike is talking to the building owner.
This is what the front desk area looks like from the waiting room area.
And this should be the new Prairie Ridge Endodontics mascot.
What does the PRE mascot do? Mostly run around.
Jim inspects the staff lounge, the operatories, the bathrooms, the spare room, and the sterilization alcove.
For lunch, we hit the nearby DQ. The little munchkin waited patiently for her french fries.
A message from Watertown Livestock:
Next time I visit, I will be eating here just for the name:
I like the architecture in this small town. Nothing is cookie cutter and sometimes it can be a little puzzling. Why are there music notes on a building that advertises Computer Dan's repair shop? And why does a Medical Arts Building house a GRAVESTONE business? (I like the blue and white decorations around the top of the medical arts building). I'm also willing to bet Mike is going to avoid the community theater aka "Town Players" building next to Computer Dan's. Jen, if you ever want to go to a play there, I'd be willing to go with you.
After a trip to the lumberyard and a quick tour of the town, we headed back home. We wore Vi out.


Jen said…
I'm so glad you guys were able to come to wonderful Watertown with us yesterday. It was a lot of fun, and you were a great help in narrowing down decisions (and an extra hand to wrangle Violet at times). I hope you guys plan to visit lots when we are officially moved in there. And, yes, I'll go with you to the Town Players. Anytime.
Jenni said…
That looked like a fun trip and something different to do! Very cute town. Maybe sometime we cal all go eat at "The Other Place" and the one that isn't "the other."