Shopping with Matt

Yesterday, I took Matt shopping for some new summer clothes. He has grown over the past year, which is good. So he is actually growing, albeit slowly.

So we walked into Kohl's and then into the boys section. I told him to find some shorts to try on. He found a rack of gym shorts and pulled a red pair off the rack and said that he'd like to try these ones on. We grabbed a few other things to try on, a couple more pairs of shorts, a pair of pants, and some shirts.

I steered him toward the fitting rooms and told him to try one thing on at a time and to come out to show me how whatever he tried on fit.

So he did. The first thing he tried on was the red pair of shorts. They looked a little small, so I took them from Matt and went to find a larger pair while he tried on the next item. I found the rack of shorts but alas, they did not have the red ones in a size bigger. So I grabbed a navy pair of the same style, and a red pair of a different style, both in the correct size.

I brought the shorts to Matt and told him that the red pair was unavailable in a medium, but here are some navy shorts of the same kind and red pair of another kind.

He said, "I'll take the navy. I don't like red."


My reply: " Well, then why on earth did you grab a red pair to try on? I would think if you were looking for clothes to try on that you would look for something you actually like."

He had no answer, except to say that he wasn't really big into fashion.

I can tell. I had to go through all the clothes we picked out to ask him if he liked the color and the style just to make sure he was getting something he was satisfied with. Silly boy.

The upside of shopping with him? We were done in 15 minutes. Other children of mine, specifically an older brother who currently resides in a different state, would have taken upwards of three hours to pick out 3 pairs of shorts, a pair of pants, and two shirts.


James said…
And in the end i am perfectly satisfied with what i got :)
I'm glad you were satisfied. But I'm a little leery of taking you shopping for suits this fall.
James said…
and why is that?
Because you are very picky, and it will take a very long time to get you outfitted. Then again, you ARE old enough to go by yourself.

On the other hand, it will be fun to see you get ready for a mission.
James said…
I think i have gotten a little faster at picking out clothes :)