The Budgie goes a-flyin'

Budgies fly, although this one in particular had to fly via a Piper that looked more like an origami table decoration than an actual flying machine. I've seen dragonflies bigger than this thing.
Our scoutmaster arranged this outing as the conclusion to the Aviator merit badge that the boys have been working on. A local airport provides a service where they will take up groups of kids in little airplanes free of charge. It's all volunteer on the parts of the pilots. What a great group of people to do this for us!

I didn't attend; Jim did, however, and he is the one who took the pictures.

The boys had a long wait for the clouds to clear out and it was hot and humid as well. But it was worth the wait. Matt said the pilot took the plane over each of the three boys' houses. So Matt saw our abode from up above. I should have asked him if there were any frisbees on the roof. Or stray stuffed animals.The boys each got a certificate and their own personal flight log with this flight added in. They were up in the air for half an hour. Thanks to the great pilots at Lake Air!


Jen said…
What a cool way to finish off a merit badge! I know Uncle Mike will be jealous (can you believe he's actually tried to convince me that one day we needed to have our own plane and landing strip in the backyard--I'm sure you can). Glad Matt got to go on this little adventure. I'm sure he loved every minute of it.
Jake said…
so jealous. It kind of reminds me of the time when I took Kayla & Anna up in a helicopter ride over Wisconsin Dells while Steph waited for a cop to help get our keys out of the car. She never would have approved it otherwise. Glad you approve.
Jake said…
I never got the aviator merit badge either. Not sure it even existed then
Jake said…
I haven't posted to anyone's blogs in awhile, I forgot I had this picture on my profile. I changed my pic for those who care.
Jen-I'm pretty sure you do need a plane and a landing strip. Especially the landing strip. You never know when the aliens will arrive.

Jake-Did you know Steph had locked the keys in her car? And I'm all for flying. I love it. And I like both your avatars.
Dennis said…
When I was in the scouts we got to go up in a DC-6 with the Air Force. It was way cool. I love flying in small airplanes. Matt lookes a little scared, or why are you letting me do this Dad.
Jenni said…
That is the coolest thing ever. What a great program. I love it when people volunteer time for these kinds of activities. I'll bet they would have sat around all day waiting for those clouds, just to get up in the plane. That is a great experience. I'm officially jealous!!