Katie went to New York

In all the hubbub of a new job, I didn't post about Katie's trip to New York and DC. Our little girl ventured into the Big Apple and the nation's capital as a tourist. She's been planning this for a year with a friend. Katie researched tourist spots and she and her friend made an itinerary for their trip. From what I gathered from her texts throughout her trip, she and her friend stuck by their plan and saw all that they had planned to see. They went up the Washington Monument, they took a tour of the White House (for which they had to write a letter to their senator asking for a recommendation to get them in), they went to Times Square, Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, and many other places.

So far, I have not seen any pictures except a few of some GIANT candy for sale at FAO Schwarz,


I did see my little girl on the TODAY show!

She called us that morning and told us to tape the Today show just in case she was on. When we watched, the network preempted with the Casey Anthony trial sentencing. So we didn't think we'd see Katie.

But Jim decided to watch the recording before deleting it, and there Katie was! I recorded the clip by pointing the camera at the TV.

Can you spot her?


Jenni said…
That is really cool!! It sounds like a great trip. How adult-like to plan it all out like that.