I should be on HGTV

I am now going through the third major room remodel in as many years. Holy carp (yes, the fish), it is tiring. I have all my canned food on my kitchen counter at the moment--it looks like I went nuts at Sam's Club. I really should take a picture.

Jim got three new bookshelves set up in my new office/sewing/pantry room and I am slowly going through all my craft stuff and....ahem....it pains me to say this....I am throwing some stuff away. I have decided that I can only house as much as two bookshelves can hold (and that includes all my sewing stuff except for the actual machines). The other new bookshelf joins an old bookshelf as my pantry.

Oh, you'd like to see a picture? Here is what it looked like BEFORE. You can see my work computer on the table, sharing space with my sewing machine. It really is too crowded.

And here is a little knot of cables and boxes on the floor. One box is a firewall, one is a modem and one is a WAP. Guess which one is which? 5 points for each right answer. No points if you pick the empty CD case for any of them

So that is before. And that's all you get today. I'll post "in the middle of the redo" another time.


Jen said…
Ugh, I hate cords. They are what makes my life stressful. I've managed to eliminate two cords by getting a wireless printer and using the Mac wirelessly with router. Now if only computers could somehow be wireless. Hmmm. Good luck getting organized with so many purposes for that room of yours. Invest in cubbies. I love cubbies.
Dennis said…
When you're done thee you can come help me organize my garage so I can paint the walls.