They've always been able to sleep anywhere

Matt and Katie. Matt looks like he's the same size as Katie

Hayley and her baby blanket. Seriously, that's the blanket she had as an infant

Other Jim is capable of sleeping with a baseball cap on his head
These were sent to me by Jim while he was driving around the middle/west part of the country. All four were asleep at the same time. And Paul was probably asleep at home.


Jenni said…
I don't understand why this has 0 comments as I commented last night. Oh well. I'm assuming that Katie is NOT at home with you, only OJ? And OJ looks just like Big J in that picture!!! Glad they are all home safe and sound.
Jake said…
glad everyone is doing well. Did Jim get any help with the driving since he had two other licensed drivers in the car with him?
Jenni, sorry your comment didn't post. Katie is not at home, but she was with Jim and the kids for a day and a half. Yeah, OJ looks just like Big J!!! And Matt looks just like OJ.

Jake, yes, OJ got Jim to let him drive for many miles. Probably more miles than Jim would have let me drive. While visiting Jim's mother, the drivers also got to drive a convertible. Pics later.
TaterBean said…
Wow...when did Dad take these pics? When he was driving?? lol
Jen said…
Sleepy kiddos. Mine don't do that anymore (well, Violet still does). Did you know that we have an entire roll of film from my first year of marriage where Mike snapped a picture of me sleeping in the car for several days in a row. Let me tell you, those were some of the most gorgeous shots you'd ever see. EVAH!