Return of the Other Jim

Jim left this morning to pick up Other Jim, and he took Matt and Hayley with him. He's been looking forward to this trip for months, and has spent a lot of time with maps to plan it out. Jim loves maps. And long drives.

It'll be a quiet week without them; such intensity of quietude that this house has never experienced, for it will be just Paul and me in the house, and Paul goes mute the minute he walks through the front door.

I'd go with Jim to get the college boy, but I was too scared to ask my boss for time off.


TaterBean said…
YAY! I'm excited for some of the family to be out here! Even if I will only see them for a second. :) Enjoy the quiet! (Did you send my HP books with Dad?)
Jenni said…
That boss of yours is so unreasonable. Actually, enjoy the time at home. Have cereal for dinner. All those good things. I'm sure you are looking forward to seeing OJ and feeding him again.
Jake said…
Sara, I know how you feel. Dylan is going on his first extended trip in a couple of weeks with a friend. None of us is sure what we're going to do. Hope they have safe travels.