Great Room Metamorphosis

Before I get into what my new office/sewing room/pantry looks like now, I have one more picture of the before end of things to share.Cluttered, innit?

And if you can't remember what this room used to look like from another angle (assuming you want to remember or care what is happening in this room), just find the post from July 13.

After some cleaning and reorganization and installation of three new bookcases and the slight shift in placement of an already-owned bookshelf, this is what the room looks like:
And this is what it looks like if you paste words in it: (click on pic to make it bigger)
Here is that corner:That black thing doesn't go there, though. It will eventually go under my desk. It's a troll-food fermenter (aka paper shredder).

Here is where the black thing goes. Right over it will eventually be my desk.
And speaking of trolls, here is one I found in an empty dresser drawer:
But you have not seen my desk yet. Jim has taken the legs off and sanded the top. It's ready to stain. Here is the desk top a mere nanosecond after opening the door from the house to the garage:
Here is the desk top a second later when my camera lens started fogging up because of the heat and humidity change from house to garage:
Kinda makes me want to rub my eyes.

PS: Wish Paul luck. He's running in the Aquatennial Torchlight 5K tonight. It's hot and more tropical-like here than the Amazon, and that's right from the weather person. We are sticky, with dewpoints in the low 80s. Icky sticky. But a parent's gotta watch a kid run, so I have to stand outside for a while tonight. I'm just hoping Paul doesn't die. I'm hoping I don't die too.


Jen said…
Looking good. It looks better than my current working space which is Gary's ancient, teacher desk. It's cluttered with your ma's and my junk everywhere, but I'm making progress on whiddling down my share. Can't wait to see the desk finished.
Jen said…
p.s. good luck to Paul
Alas, just got information that because of the intense heat and humidity, the race has been postponed.

That desk is very cluttered, even when you don't have your stuff on it. Mom likes paper.
Jenni said…
It is looking really good!! I approve!! You should go outside and stand under the tree, just to see if there are any ticks, though. I'm concerned.

I LOVE the troll!! Cats are so dumb. They think they are so clever and sly and then we just laugh at them. Funny.

I hear you on the weather stuff. It haunts me daily. I dread going back to school in this heat...
Jeannine said…
I'm going to my friends cabin this weekend and she warned me about the deer ticks. Why are we driving 4-1/2 hours for ticks when I could just go hang out in Sara's yard?
Jeannine said…
By the way, the room looks nice and I love that you get multiple uses for one space. I do the same with my living room. When giving tours, I stand people in the middle and say, "This is the living room." Then I turn them slightly so they are facing the computer and I say, "This is the office" and on and on with turns showing them my library, my green house, my game room, etc.
Jake said…
Sara, could you somehow use your blogspace to cast a vote about the usage of "dogpile" and hog-pile? You may have to give a brief synopsis of where the argument started. If not, no biggie.