I am still here. Somewhat. I have been learning how to integrate a totally new job into my life and it has been fun/interesting/difficult/strange/nerve-wracking. But since it is bad form to blog about one's job, I'll not say much about it here at the shoebox castle.

Because it has been awhile since I posted last, I have kind of gotten out of the blogging mindset. To ease me back into it, I am resorting to a list of ten things.

Ten things I have thought about lately that have nothing to do with my new job:

1. Matt is adept at making strange noises. He informed us in the car this morning that kids in school were always asking him to "make that one noise" and so he would perform his repertoire of "mouth music" in the classroom before the teacher came in. I'm so proud.
2. Other Jim comes home in three weeks. Jim is going out to get him and Hayley and Matt want to go with him. I will be home alone. Except Paul will be around but he doesn't count because he will most likely be sleeping.
3. When Matt and Hayley are gone, no one will be around to clean the house! (again, except for Paul but he doesn't count because when he is awake, he is texting)
4. Then again, no Hayley and Matt means a 90% reduction in dirty clothing, dirty dishes, bathroom spills, and the after-effects of non-approved snacking, which is mainly empty food wrappers strewn around the house.
5. And with Matt gone, there will be no noise in the house. Paul doesn't generally make noise (he may talk in seminary and at school and public events, but at home, he is legally mute).
6. I kind of like this idea of quiet and no mess.
7. But I will miss having kids around to get pretend mad at.
8. Paul's senior pictures have been scheduled. Yes, he is that old.
9. And speaking of Paul getting old, I've asked him what he wants on his birthday cake. If I continue to receive no response or creative idea from him, I'm going to write "What?" on it. Or I will decorate it to look like a phone text pad with two thumbs on it.
10.In our motel room Thursday night, Jim turned the TV on to a program which had "scientists" discussing a theory that aliens mutated human DNA to speed up the evolution process. It was presented in a fake-scientific manner and Hayley and Matt LOVED it. I am so pleased to have them introduced to the fun and excitement that can be had by believing in extra-terrestrial involvement in earth life.


Jenni said…
Welcome back. I am sorry that it is bad form to talk about one's job on a blog because I want to hear about it and see pictures of the partay.

Ack, senior pictures for Paul. Say it ain't so. I, too, need a week of quiet, messless bliss. Enjoy it!!

Can't wait to see OJ around those there parts again.
Jen said…
Who says it is bad form to blog about one's job (unless it is to bad mouth employee's, bosses, or boss' wife). Is that all you'd have to say about us? Oh, I'm just teasing you. It will be fun to have O.J. around again. He is staying for an extended stay or just a shortish visit? Wonder why Paul is quiet at home but not so much around others. Strange.