Servo's first blog post ever

Servo here. I'm the cute gray fluffy longer-haired feline at the Shoebox castle. People get me mixed up with my bro Magic all the time. But I'm way more buff than he is. He's a tub. Madge, you know I love you, bro, but face it. You are, um, on the hefty side.

My human--I call her "Large Human with Long Fur on Head,"--didn't want to blog today. She's being lazy. The smaller humans that she usually has feed me are gone and she's been slacking on my upkeep. She has, however, held the circle brush for me so I can massage my face on the bristles. I could do that for hours. I loooooovve brush massages. The fur in the bristles tastes good too. Yum.

Not much goin' on in my life. I try to get outside once in a while, but I'm kind of a kept cat. I keep telling my human I won't take off, but does she listen? No. I know I could get the neighborhood rabbit if she'd only let me out once in a while. I know I could be a good mouser. I've managed a few good outside tours of the yard when the humans haven't been looking, although I'm careful to come back when they call. I know who feeds me. My bro, though, not only is he a load, but he doesn't listen. On one of our outside manuevers, he didn't come when Large Human with Long Fur on Head called and so she let him stay outside all night. It rained and he was miserable. I saw him from the window and I laughed. He was waiting for the humans to open the door the next morning. He got a good talking to.

Time for a nap. Blogging is hard work.


Jenni said…
It is always nice to know how the cats feel about things. I know we disappoint Licky regularly...
Jen said…
Good to hear from Servo. I couldn't believe how friendly both kitties were to me when I visited on Friday. They must really miss their siblings. Poor Madge for getting left outside all night. Even though Servo says he laughed at his brother, I bet he was really frantic and worried.