From the road

I have nothing to post about today so I'm gonna post pictures that Jim emailed me from the road.

Here are Hayley and Matt at the entrance to Yellowstone. The sun was shining brightly. Hayley and Matt were both impressed that Yellowstone is 90 years older than their father to the day.
Here is another Yellowstone entrance arch.
I thought this was a fairly boring picture when he sent it to me.
Until he sent me this: Old Faithful. I SO wish I were with them. Sigh.

So far Jim has not sent any pictures of Other Jim. I'm kinda wondering if they actually got him.


Jenni said…
Very nice pictures. I guess you'll find out about OJ when they get back. I still would like to go to Yellowstone. I haven't ever been to that one. I was very close once but didn't go.
Jen said…
Looks like a fun time traveling with Dad. I've never been to Yellowstone. day. Don't feel bad about not going with them. You get to come into work tomorrow and see me and your charismatic brother.