Adventure Time with a couple of swashbucklers

Just got home from the ward chili cook-off and costume party.

Hayley worked hard all morning and afternoon to finish up the costumes in time. Matt helped for about 5 seconds. I refused to do any of the real work of the costumery, except for the hoods. I did those. But the eyes and nose on the dog costume were mostly by Hayley.

Princess Bubblegum, Finn holding Peppermint Butler, and Jake the dog
Lots of people of all ages at the party recognized the characters.

During the fashion show portion of the party, when Gabby, Hayley and Matt came out, they got a huge round of applause. Then the three yelled out, "What time is it?" and everyone yelled "Adventure Time!"

EJ asked me to make him a costume for the ward party. This is what he wanted me to sew for him:
pirate EJ
Then there was Paul. He came up with his idea five (5!!!) minutes before he had to leave. He originally wanted to sew a vest, but we convinced him to let us cut up an old shirt of Jim's instead.
Flynn Rider (from "Tangled")
Two of my no-so-little-anymore boys
Jim refused to dress up.

I had a black dress and a witch's hat and some green makeup:
I had lots of fun passing out candy for the trick-or-treat event at the party, but I am ashamed to admit that I did not take any pictures of the room I decorated, especially my wax hands, which I had placed over flickering electric candles. They looked very spooky.

Time for bed.  Happy almost-Halloween!


Dennis said…
The costumes look great! I really like Hayley's hair and I think green is your color.
TaterBean said…
I think I recognize dad's shirt that you cut up for paul. lol Yay for costumes! I went to a Halloween costume party last night and I didn't have a costume so I dressed up in the red poodle (actually it's a horse) skirt, a white button up shirt, and the 50's sweater. (I know you remember what I'm talking about. lol) I think that is my very most used costume. :P
Jenni said…
I'm just so impressed with your costumes. I can't say enough. I'll have a picture of mine to post tomorrow. Looks like a good time. We missed our party as it was on a Friday and my new job requires that I go to the football games. I was sad to miss it.
Jake said…
I need to see a picture of the wax hands flickering with light!
Jen said…
Yay for finally getting to show off the costumes. I'm thoroughly impressed with how the whole "Adventure Time" theme turned out. And Finn's helmet is just great! You did a good job on transforming EJ into a pirate, and I can't believe Paul's top is just made from a t-shirt. Wonderful, wonderful! My girls will also love to here that Paul played the cutie from Tangled.
Thomas Long said…
Haha the adventure time costumes are great. Im going to an lds halloween dance tonight as finn. Looks awesome!
Thomas Long said…
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