Halloween preview

Hayley has been bugging me to put pictures of her Halloween costume on the blog. She finished it last week and we got a wig to go with it. This is the cartoon character she is trying to look like:

Princess Bubblegum from "Adventure Time"
And here is the dress:

She's trying to be pretty
Here is Princess Bubblegum Hayley with the wig and crown and the stuffed Peppermint Butler she made a while ago:

And one last picture because we found it funny. See if you can guess why:

Do you see why we found it amusing?  Here's a hint mixed in with some labeling requested by Hayley:

Did you guess Paul's face on the computer is what made us laugh? Cuz that's what it was. I'm still chuckling.


Jen said…
Holy wow, Hayley did a fabulous job on her costume! The dress really does look just like the "real" Princess Bubblegum's. The whole ensemble really does look like the image of PB. Ha, the photobomb Paul is funny. I would not have noticed it if you hadn't given us so many hints though. I'm not that observant.
Jenni said…
After teaching other teens to sew, I'm so impressed with the teenage talent you and I had, and now I am extremely impressed with Hayley's talent. What a great costume. I wouldn't have guessed Paul, but it is pretty hilarious.
Jenni said…
And now I'd like to see Hayley bend her arms in unnatural places, like the princess.
Dennis said…
Caught the photobomb and I'm not familiar with Princes Bubblegum but Hayley did a fab job. Such talent, I know it didn't come from me.
Jake said…
For those familiar with Adventure Time, Hayley has done it great justice. Yes, I noticed right away that Paul, in some form, was lurking in the background. It is both funny and creepy at the same time. But that's what Adventure Time is all about!!
Marta said…
that girl totally rocks!!