Halloween: Return of the Wax Hands

Another cheesy B movie title!

It's the story of a young woman who goes to a carnival and makes two wax hands at a booth. Unbeknownst to her, the wax hands were made from cursed wax. Her parents wake one morning to find her strangled in her bed.  Her distraught boyfriend realizes the wax hands are gone. He hunts them down and melts them with the very last match in his pocket that he'd been saving for a special bonfire date with his girl. Then he dies when a bear eats him.

Think I can pitch it to Hollywood?

Anyway, Jake asked for pictures of the wax hands mentioned in the last post.

Here ya go:
Just stick a battery-operated tea light inside a wax hand for a pretty neat Halloween decoration!
Here's a movie of my wax hands:
I like the flickering effect.

Happy Halloween! Enjoy the last day of Octobery goodness!


Jenni said…
I need wax hands. And a part in a low budget film.
Jen said…
That is such a cool idea. Sadly, though my wax hand didn't make it during this move. It turned into a wax handprint.
TaterBean said…
I want a wax hand so I can do that! lol
Jake said…
I think in order for your B movie idea to really sell, you have to capitalize on the scary factor. And I think you've got it. Prior to disappearing, the girl could be going through a rough patch because she is so self concious about her two right hands. People would make fun of her because she was different. She wasn't ambidextrous, she wasn't gifted, she was a freak, I TELL YOU!! now run with it Sara! Oh the places you might go and people you might see. P.S. Dylan & Maya (as well as the rest of us) really liked the Adventure Time costumes)