Ten things not about EJ or Tijuana

(Although I could post a lot about EJ's preparations)

1. Matt is home sick for the second day in a row, although he doesn't have a fever anymore. I'm keeping him home because last night at 10 p.m. his fever was 102, and I want to make sure it's gone for good. He's still looking a little peaky and he says he has a sore throat.
2. Jim took the day off work yesterday
3. so he could drive me to South Dakota
4. probably because he doesn't trust me to drive by myself
5. or maybe he was jealous that I get to do all kinds of driving when I have to go into the office.
6. While in South Dakota, I got to show off what little I know about my job to some people who have several years experience doing what I do.
7. But they brought cookies, so I was at ease.
8. Mike and I talked a lot during the visit from the other dental office (not to each other, mostly to the visitors) and the two PRE assistants didn't get a chance to get a word in.
9. One of the visitors commented that she could tell we were brother and sister.
10. Jim and I drove back last night. It was just a day trip. And now we are back to normal routine.

What's new with you?


Jen said…
Sorry to hear about Matt being sick. Hope he's feeling better now and can get back to school tomorrow. I'm glad I got to see you guys yesterday. I hope Jim wasn't too bored with only the t.v. To keep him busy. It's good to hear that you made it home safely. When are you guys coming again? Why can't you guys live closer?
While talking to Mike yesterday, I mentioned how you need to come out here for a craft day/weekend. He agreed. Pick a day and come out here. I can craft while I work.
Jake said…
So while Matt was home sick, both his parents took off to another state? Is that what I am understanding? I think you need to do a good once over through the house. Mom & Gary going to Foley ring a bell? JK, I'm sure Matt did nothing nefarious. Hope you enjoyed the day trip, we's gonna go next week for a coupla days.