I can no longer in good conscience call him Lovey

I don't even know how I got to calling him Lovey; maybe it was a bastardization (yes I can say that. And type it) of Lurvy. Or maybe Lurvy was the bastardization of Lovey. I can't remember. In any case, no respectable teenage boy should be called Lovey.

I can still call him many other things: Smack, Smacky, Squibb, Squibber, Smatt, Batt, The Budgie, Scrufty, L'il Man, Boy Wonder (although Boy is starting to mean less too), and other words or vocalizations that come to mind, including Lurvy.

But not Lovey.

He's 13, for crying out loud.

Matt is 13 today.

This little thing that was really too small for a car seat is now GROWING A MUSTACHE.

And his voice went south.

Happy birthday Matt. Cake pictures will come later.


Dennis said…
Happy Birthday Matthew or M@.
Jen said…
Happy Birthday, Thew! I have definitely been noticing some changes in your looks and voice lately without anyone pointing them out to me. We used to have a picture on our fridge of Mike and I each holding a baby. I think Mike was holding Sophie, and I was holding Matt. Sophie was screaming her head off while Matt looked as content as could be. I always attributed it to me having a magical touch with babies, but I knew deep down that Matt was just an easygoing baby who would probably be happy no matter who held him. He seems to have maintained that mellow mindset.

P.S. What exactly is Matt saying in that first video? Beef KNOBS?!? If so, what is a beef knob?
Jen, in the picture you are thinking of, you are holding a very calm Sophie who is looking at a screaming Matt held by Mike. I should know, I just scanned that picture into my digital album this morning.

Matt is reading my shirt in the video. He is saying "Slap Beefknob," although he read it wrong because it actually says, "STUMP Beefknob." It's an MST3K quote. I'll send you a youtube link.
Jenni said…
He is very Jimmy-ish these days, in looks and voice. Wow. Happy birthday to Matt. It is kind of nice to be out of the "kid" phase. I loved it, but don't miss it. Still, it seems so weird for it to be Matt.