Mining EJ's heritage to help with the future

EJ is excited to start preparing for his mission. He has started listening to some Spanish lessons on his iPod. He let me listen to what he has chosen to familiarize himself with the language....and I had to do a little forehead slap.

He found a radio program from SCOTLAND that supposedly teaches Spanish to listeners. Yes, there is a thick layer of Scottish brogue mixed in with the Spanish.

Oh dear. I hope EJ doesn't totally mix himself up.

(Regarding the title of this post, yes, we have ancestors heralding from Scotland, namely my wonderful grandmother, who was born in Scotland)


Dennis said…
That would be hilarious, speaking spanish with a scottish accent. I don't know how that would sound or if it even can be done.
Jen said…
Good for EJ to start taking the initiative to learn Spanish ahead of time. I once had a college professor who was from Korea (and I mean had only been in the US for a couple of years) who was my Spanish instructor. I would always laugh and think I would learn how to roll my L's instead of my R's.