The wait is over

I have been too busy waiting with Other Jim for his letter that I haven't blogged (plus not much has happened round these parts).

Well, we don't have to wait anymore. The letter came when Jim and I and Hayley and Matt were at my mother's house for piano lessons, and OJ--although perhaps I should start referring to him as EJ (as in Elder Jim)--and Paul were home by themselves.

OJ said he was a little nervous opening the letter, so he took it to his room to open it up by himself. He didn't even know we were gone. Anyway, he opened it, then called us when he decided to read it.

He had to spell it to me on the phone, because he wasn't sure how it was pronounced: Tijuana, Mexico!

We are very excited! He really wanted to go Spanish-speaking.

He checks into the Missionary Training Center on February 8th. And he has a ton of stuff to do to prepare.

Wish him luck!

I'd write a longer, more Mexican-detailed post, but I'm tired and I really don't know a whole lot about Mexico in general and Tijuana specifically. I do know, however, that his mission area extends from the border three quarters of the way down the Baja California peninsula. It doesn't go all the way down (wonder why).

And now I'm off to bed. All this excitement has worn me out! 


Jen said…
Wow, this is definitely going to be an adventure for OJ (orEJ). Congratulations! We are so excited for him and wish him the best of luck on his future destination. I just know he will make an impact there.
Jenni said…
I'm so excited for EJ and for you. This is a big deal. He is going to have quite an experience. It will be a blessing to him the rest of his life to speak Spanish. He must be completely overwhelmed and excited. Congratulations!!!
Some people think Tijuana is a hole, but I love it there. He'll have a great time and love the good people.
Steph, that's what I've been hearing from a lot of people, but I think there will be many great opportunities for EJ to serve there. I am excited for him and more importantly, he is excited to go there.
Dennis said…
I'm so excited for OJ/EJ. I know he'll love Mexico and the people there. As I told you yesterday your first and only trip to Mexico (Ensenada) about 42 or 43 years ago was uneventful until the ride home where we had to share a VW Beetle (for part of the way) with 4 others plus 2 dogs.