Hasta la pasta

I had a good time hosting the pasta dinner on Wednesday. Too bad this was my last time, because I think I have this pasta-dinner-hosting down to a science. We had plenty of food and the cross country kids are good kids with good manners and a lively presence. The parents are friendly too.  

Thomas and Paul. Yes, Thomas is wearing swim goggles and a kerchief. Thomas, as a rule, makes interesting fashion choices. Paul purposely smiled like a goof for this picture.

Table for 11. I would like to point out that there is a plate already in the spot where Paul is sitting down. That is Paul's second plate. He ate lots. 

The day after the pasta dinner was the cross country home meet. The team has gone to a lot of big races that draw 15 to 30 teams. The home meet is very small, with only 5 teams on the field.

This is the entire cc varsity race lineup. Can you find Paul?

No need to caption this picture because I labeled things for you. Although, I will give 8 points to the first person to correctly guess the number of smiley faces I drew on the picture. You might have to click on the picture to embiggen it so you can see all of them. Wow, for not captioning the picture, I sure wrote a long caption.

As part of Paul's job as a CC captain, he got to hand out medals for the varsity girls race
And as sixth place finisher, Paul got his own medal! 

That's my boy!
I will miss the next race because I am going to work in the office for the next two days. If anyone would like to go see Paulie run, the meet will be at the Chaska golf course and he estimates that his race will begin at 5:30.


TaterBean said…
Are there 7 smiley faces? Or am I missing one?
Paul looks like he is getting older! I can't wait to come home for Christmas!! :)
Jenni said…
Those pictures remind me of the wonderfulness of fall in a place that not only celebrates fall, but experiences it, too.

I know how you have enjoyed hosting the pasta dinner. It is nice to have it all under the belt. Maybe they'll ask you to do it next year, anyway.

Thank you for the labels. I can't decide what I like most: the happy faces on your shadows, the slug bug red, or the lack of ticks.

Great post.
wv: lylicon (the mega-convention for frogs who love lilypads)
Jen said…
Of course, as you finally get good at something, then you don't get to do it again. Thank you for the labeling because now that I'm sitting right next to you I get to punch you for the slug bug red.
no one wins. The answer was 8.