Hall of Ween

I can't let October get away from me without posting something related to my favorite holiday.

Matt was home by himself for a little while on his birthday while I was at Paul's cross country meet. Matt saw that I had forgotten to take my camera with me (I felt naked without my camera during the whole race. I had to tell myself that I have LOTS of pictures of Paul running and I should just enjoy watching him and his team run without having to get a good shot of him legging it down the chute at the finish line).

So Matt had some fun with my camera while I was gone. This is what I found on my camera when I got back:

Matt likes little plastic animals, especially bats. Several of the photos show this bat in front of the camera.

Here's another one of the bat. I think this looks oddly realistic.

I kind of like the picture. I might have to use it for a banner or a background or something.

And I really like this picture. The triple images give it kind of a distorted feel and distorted is a good Halloweeny theme.
One last picture that I took. I haven't had much time to do my own Halloween crafting, but yesterday when I took Hayley out to get her pink wig and a few more items for her Halloween costume and a costume for EJ (who made a request that maybe I will tell you about later), I saw this:
And I knew I needed it. I had noticed recently that I have been suffering under a marked lack of Halloween napkins (Oh THE HORROR!) and this fabric will fill that need wonderfully. The fabric was on sale too--40% off.  How could I pass that up? And if a certain daughter is good and does well in her college classes, she might find one or two of these in a package to go with her skull plates that I know she has.

Happy preparing for Halloween to all of you!


Jenni said…
Matt may have gotten older, but he hasn't really grown up (thankfully)!!! The bat thing is hilarious. Hopefully you don't have an infestation. I hear the guano is toxic.