Bad poetry amok and up for a major award

Well, not MAJOR major, but cool anyway.

My friend, Stephanie (she's not just an imaginary blog friend--I've actually been to her house) (she's also very intelligent and funny. Read her blog: Diapers and Divinity. It's on my blog roll) had a haiku contest. I just had to try my bad haiku writing skills and entered. Check it out! And vote! (I won't be mad if you don't vote for me. But I might go cry in my room. Very quietly so you won't hear)


Jen said…
I went and voted! I'll have to admit though that I don't get haiku's. Of course, I really don't get poetry in general.
I don't get haikus either, nor do I get poetry even after reading a whole bunch of it for my writing class. But I can do counting syllables.
It really was one of my favorites, but you're not allowed to torch my house or anything if you don't win.
Oh. Ok.

*puts the blowtorch back in the garage*