I can take summer only a week at a time. Next week will be a very good one since I don't babysit and somehow outside forces have not pestered me to schedule a lot of non-family events in my calendar. If I can help it, I will be saying no to any requests to do things with people other than Paul, Hayley, Matt or Jim. Jimmy will be gone for the week and Katie has been whooping it up in Vegas and will probably need a nap when she gets back home (which of course, won't be til July anyway).

So far, the kids and I will be checking out Titanic at the science museum, seeing a matinee, mini-golfing at an arty golf course, and berry-picking somewhere. (Yes, Katie we will go back to the Titanic exhibit when you visit) Maybe we'll take in the Como Zoo too (Marissa, Owen, Steph, Kayla, Anna, Dylan, and Maya--would any of you be up for a Thursday or Friday Como Zoo outing?)

I can't believe I have another senior in the house now. Jimmy is officially nearly done with public education. My self-proclaimed "wacky boy" (he said to me one day many many years ago after I called him a goofy boy, "I not a goofy boy, I a wacky boy.") is all grown up. He has grown into his ears and his eyes. He has grown out of his attention deficit ways and willful disobedience. And now he has to start thinking about his future, his adulthood. He's taking a few forays outside the nest and pretty soon, he'll be flying solo. Hopefully he'll do as well as Kate has.


TaterBean said…
LOL...thanks for letting me know that we will go again when I come out...I was all like..."NO! I want to go to the science museum!" That's weird to think that Jimmy only has a year left of HS! lol
mariss hawley said…
We can do Friday (19th?)-Marissa