Clearing out the camera

I just loaded a bunch of pictures onto the computer.

This is what you get when children steal your camera for their own nefarious purposes:Lots and lots of pictures of Star Wars Lego machines and characters.

Then this is what you get when something funny happens (say that Paul didn't know what Jimmy was making) and you think you can squeeze a blog post out of it and then you forget.You have a picture of chocolate pudding that Paul thought was a)frosting, b)Hamburger Helper, and c)ketchup. Jimmy laughed at him for a long time for not knowing it was pudding.

This is what you get when your son Jimmy convinces you to take several pictures of water streaming from the faucet because he says it'll look cool.
You get pictures of a really dirty sink (how did THAT happen???) that you have to crop so the filthiness doesn't show, because the water droplets really do look cool.

This is what you get when you really like flowers and can't stop taking pictures of them.

This is what you get when you go miniature golfing at the same place as last year without Jimmy but with Hayley and you can't resist taking many megabytes of pictures. You get Matt in a stump.

You get Children of the Sunflowers (not as scary as "Children of the Corn"). Can you spot Matt?

You get visual proof that you have passed on your genetic tendency towards "Fashion Fail" to your daughter. (Note to self: do not let Hayley buy tennis shoes at garage sales anymore. And don't let her roll up her sweat pants past her knees) Poor girl!

You are reminded that playing checkers is fun, especially when it's played outside on a rock table and the metal checkers go PLINK! when you drop them.

You catch Paul enjoying himself even though Hayley and Matt and his mother are his only companions.


Jen said…
Fun pictures. Glad to see you get out with the kids. I still haven't taken the girls anywhere fun since school let out. They are just enjoying being able to run amok outside. Love that purple flower, and water does look cool when you take a picture of it.
froggybaby said…
I like the "children of the sunflower" Looks like you had a fun day golfing on a miniature scale. And when you think of fashion fails, remember Morgan's junior high years and know you are not alone. Hayley looks downright darling in comparisson!! Morgan still has challenges! And we still like her.
TaterBean said…
c....what's the real answer?