Prettiness therapy

This is sort of related to cute therapy (scroll down to the last picture), which my sister recently needed.

I need a little prettiness therapy today. My house is not under attack from the rain, as my sister's was; I'm just a little on the sniffly side today (and not in the "I think I'm getting a cold" way). I could whine and moan about it, but I don't want sympathy comments. Or any "you are loved" comments.

So this is what I use to make me feel better when there is no one around to be my friend (I could be in a room full of people I know--who aren't related to me genetically and maritally--and still have no one around to be my friend).

The oak tree in my front yard. Who couldn't be heartened by the cute baby acorns?
My little spruce tree with new needles. I like to pet them while the new needles are still soft and pliable.
Pea plants hugging the little trellis! If I stood by the pea plants long enough, they'd hug me.
Baby carrots! So fragile-looking! And lacy. I hope for some caterpillars later this summer that I can catch and put in a jar so I can watch the transformation into black swallowtail butterflies (more prettiness therapy)
A newly opened white peony. I'd put a scratch 'n sniff patch of it on my blog if I could find an app like that. These smell homey, musky, friendly, happy, burbly, soft, velvety.
The showy pink peony. It knows it's pretty, but it doesn't judge. It would talk to me if it had a voice.
The begonia in my favorite color--yellow fading to orangey red set off by purplish blues, a very cheerful and self-confident color palette.
A yawning begonia. "I'm up, I'm up! (not quite) Snzzzzzz" it says.
Yes, I would include this in my prettiness therapy, although it is tempered somewhat (or a lot) by the fact that it is hanging on the eaves of MY house and the residents of this will eat my apples later this fall. Why do I like it? Geometry. I find the honeycomb shape to be efficient and pleasing (and tasty when applied to cereal). I will have to evict them (and probably commit waspicide and infantwaspicide) but I do actually like watching nature do what nature does. I like progress too. This nest was only a few cells wide at the beginning of spring.
And lastly, but not leastly, but certainly beastly, the CUTE therapy. I give you Servo, who is acting like a baby kitty and probably trying to weasel a treat from me. Just try and convince me that you don't want to rub that kitty tummy and get the warm fuzzies available from it.


Jen said…
Thanks for the pretty therapy. I, too, can always use some of that. I especially like all your flowers. I'm jealous because the only flowers we've had in our yard are the lilacs, and they are gone now:(

I have to object to the wasps and their nest as pretty therapy though. Those things are heinous and should be destroyed immediately. Seriously, go out there and terminate them RIGHT NOW!!
Viellefemme said…
LOVE THE PEONIES! Mine bloomed while I was in Portland for a week, but baby Max was/is worth it. And, I got to be there during the dogwood explosion - even trade. Enjoy your bounty.
froggybaby said…
Oh!! Such good thereapy. I loved the baby acorns. Anything baby is cute and loveable. LOVE the flowers. I need more flowers in my yard. Wish I had a garden, too. Not only did I appreciate your plants, but I also looked longingly at the dirt. What a blessing to have nice, black dirt. Give the kitty a treat from Anut Jenni.
TaterBean said…
oh...cute kitty!