Double the pain, trouble, and use of energy and time

I signed up for TWO more college courses today.

I'm almost finished with Creative Writing (My goal is to have it ALL submitted by this weekend) and I am two years behind my goal for finishing the program, so I need to hustle some buns here. The courses are Humanities 202 (I'm confident that I can finish this class by October, if I really buckle down on it) and Scottish History and Family Research. This Scottish history class has a research paper thrown in as one of the assignments, but with the help of my dad, who a) works as a genealogist at the local Family History library and b) is of Scottish descent (thanks, Grandma Hawley!) I think I can do this with minimal loss of sanity, brain function, and hair (as in tearing out of). My goal for finishing that class will (I'm mentally lobbing darts at a calendar)

Pray for me.
Support me.
Forgive me for not having a clean house, for being hermetic, for not volunteering to be more helpful, for always yapping on about my college classes, for wigging out when unforeseen occurrences mess with my timetables...

I may not complete this degree program, but I'm going to keep at it for as long as I can.


froggybaby said…
Rah Rah sis boom bah. You can do it. you will do it!! Yay!!
Oooh, yay! One supporter! I was beginning to think the chirping crickets were going to be the only ones cheering me on.
Karie said…
Yay for you! How many courses do you have left?

I would have cheered you on earlier, but my browsers and my ISP got into a fight and weren't talking to each other....Rude children.
Shantel said…
I think you are awesome for doing this. Someday, I will go back. Right now, I have a BYU Math class staring me down. I just cant get motivated.