Pass the kerchief

In keeping with the theme of embarrassment this week, I just want to say publicly:

I am deeply sorry that, as a teenager, I ever despised going out in public with you while you were wearing your kerchief (all my siblings know of what I speak--the brown, faintly cordouroy-ish triangle with a brown floral pattern on the reversible side which was tied together by some sewed-up bias tape?). I am sorry I ever grumbled with embarrassment at having to walk within 50 feet of you while you wore it in Dayton's at Ridgedale while shopping for designer jeans. I have learned the error of my ways. Kerchiefs are not evil destroyers of the public image or reputation of teenaged daughters; they are workers of good at every turn. I have worn a kerchief, and in public! And despite thinking that they make my face look fat!

With much repentance of my childish and ignorant ways regarding kerchiefs (but not regarding those Bass shoes),
your daughter

Who now wears kerchiefs (or babushkas, depending on which term I favor at the moment) out walking and to the grocery store. Next up, pants shopping with Hayley!
I even made the kerchiefs myself. My mother always favored brown in just about everything, but I never really cottoned to brown. I like color! The purple one has a coordinating color on the other side. The pink one is the same on both sides. And in other news designed to embarrass my teenage self: I OCCASIONALLY WEAR A SHOWER CAP TOO.


Jen said…
I was guilty of being embarrassed to be seen with my parents in public, too. They didn't do or wear anything overly tacky, but I guess it was just the cool thing to be ashamed of actually having parents. I'm sure I will get paid back tenfold for the error in my ways.

I recognize one of your fabrics for your kerchief (the pink, flowery pattern). The girls still use the blanket you made for baby Annie with that fabric. It's a car blanket now stored under their seats to keep them warm on chilly evenings.

Don't diss the shower cap. I wear one every other day so as to not wet my hair down while showering. My hair has never been healthier since cutting back on how much I wash my hair. Oh, the shame!
I'm not dissing the shower cap! I'm totally admitting that as a teenager, I would have been horrendously embarrassed to wear one even in the very private act of showering. And now, as an adult, I find it not embarrassing at all. And yes, my hair is much healthier too for not washing it every single day.
TaterBean said…
oh mom...don't wear those outside of your garden...if ur gonna cover ur hear wear an nice hat...your embarrassing me now...