In need of a lift

I'm in a foul mood. I used to wonder why my mom used to say that she really wanted to become a hermit. Now I understand. I would love to go into full hermit mode and be totally antisocial (this does not include family. I'll always like to talk to family and do things with them).

But instead I'm going to go to a movie. I'm taking my youngest two plus a friend of theirs that I invited, Hermit mode doesn't include this particular friend either because he plays well with both Hayley and Matt and therefore enables my hermitic (eremetic?) desires by keeping them out of my hair.

The movie? Up in 3D. Yes, I am finally going to see it. I'm generally not a person who has to see a movie the MINUTE it comes out, especially if it's going to be a blockbuster hit. Crowds and I don't get along so well. Maybe that's not quite it; I guess I just don't mind waiting. If I can avoid the hoopla and excitement, I will. I like a nice quiet half-empty theater. Besides, my talking through the movie will disturb fewer people. Say I had gone to Twilight the night it opened--I would have been injured by hundreds of irate teenage girls who would have taken severe umbrage at my snide comments and laughter punctuated by loud snorting.

I need Up today. (Up, ear number one, ear number two--12 points if you can tell me what I'm quoting)


Karie said…
I was extremely grouchy yesterday. I bet my kids wished I was a hermit.

I'll take a stab at the quote: Dr. Seuss' Great Day for Up!
Let me know if you think my kids would like UP. And is your quote from Dumbo? I'm half hermit, half desperate for adult conversation. Does a movie count?
Jen said…
I hope Up lifts you up. Sounds like a fun day with your kids. I may have to that one day this week. Let me know if it'd be age-appropriate for my girls.
12 points for Karie!

Steph and Jen, I think that if your kids can watch all the other Pixar movies, they'll like this movie. There is a really sappy part (one of the best sappy movie parts I've seen) that might be a tad slow for a little kid, but it is necessary for the story. There are two deaths (both implied) and one in the sappy part, but the other one gave me a tiny shock. I never had much luck taking kids to movies until they were around 5 or 6 so if the kids are younger than that, I don't know.

And Steph, I too have been desperate for adult conversation, but I'm not any good at it, which makes me want to crawl into a cave. Hence the hermitness.
froggybaby said…
I want to see Up. Wish I could have some time with you. Sorry your are upset or annoyed or whatever.