If it's not one kid, it's another

Other Jim* is home from EFY. He had a great time, calling it "the best place ever" (and making me a little sad that home isn't his most favorite place--I guess I'm not that great of a mom. He further wounded me by disagreeing with the missionaries, who we had over for dinner last night, when they said that yes, he would miss his mother when he leaves for a mission. Just kill me now. Sniff!). And he added his proof that it's a small world in the church. One of the guys in his group at EFY was a piano student of my mother's. So now Other Jim WANTS to go to grandma's house whenever he can this summer so he can bike over to Tyler's house and hang out.

*Other Jim is what I have decided to call Jimmy instead of Jimmy. Other Jim is now Jim at school and work, but if we call him Jim at home, mass confusion will ensue, destabilizing what little control I have over my brain. So I will call him Other Jim (when I remember. Otherwise, I'll probably end up calling him Jimmy). I tried to shorten Other Jim to OJ, but he would have none of it. And frankly, it's not a really nice association, is it?

Even though Other Jim is home from EFY, we are still operating with a one-child deficit (two if you count Katie, but we can't because she doesn't have any assigned jobs and therefore, we can't count her as an operational child in the household). Paul has gone to scout camp. He hemmed and hawed over his packing last night. What duffle bag to use? How many pairs of underwear to take? Are all the clothes clean? Cot or no cot? Jim (not Other Jim) is going up to camp on Wednesday and staying until Saturday so I will be operating under parental deficit as well for part of the week.

Speaking of Jim (not Other Jim. Should I call him Original Jim? Hmm, but he really isn't, is he? Because there is another Jim out there, and he reads this blog. Oh, my head! Must avoid confusion!), I hope he had a decent Father's Day. I made sure he had a nice cheesecake to nosh on, and I did the dishes (with the help of Hayley and Matt). Jim tried to help with the dishes but I had to shoo him away. And then Other Jim called with car problems so Jim (not Other Jim) had to stop relaxing and go do something (I think Jim-not Other Jim-was secretly relieved to have a problem or situation to resolve instead of just sitting around flipping the pages of Duma Key). Anyway, Jim (not Other Jim), thanks for being a wonderful dad, for always being there, for attending every concert possible, every sports event possible, for helping the kids with homework, for giving them rides here and there, for making sure kids get up in the morning, for letting the kids mow the lawn, for helping with dinner, for being a good example of a dad to the boys so they will know how to be a dad and to the girls so they know what to look for in a husband. I got lucky with you, sweetie.


froggybaby said…
Glad OJ had a great time at EFY. That is a good thing. Summer isn't that lazy time anymore. Kids go places, want to do things, work, miss airplanes, all that kind of stuff. But, you do have a really great husband AND he got a great wife. There. I like the other Jim thing.
Jen said…
Good to hear that Jim's "best time ever" was at a church function. I hope my kids have that great of an attitude about church when they are teenagers. Mike has a bunch of whiners to deal with in scouts and are always complaining about lame or hard some of the activities through the church are. Mike is NEVER sympathetic.

My Aunt Pam remarried a man named Jim and her oldest son is Jim. So she started calling her new husband Jim Wallace and her son Jim Roe. I suppose that wouldn't work for you either since both of your Jims share the same last name. I say just keep calling him Jimmy since that's what he's always been called in your family. My dad's oldest son is Joey (my dad is Joe). He definitely doesn't like to be called Joey anymore, but it's just what we call him and he has to deal with it (and he's the same age as Jenni, not mentally though).

Jim is a great dad! He definitely wins the award for most patient person (I've ever met anyway). I'm sure it drove him nuts to not be able to do the dishes since he really, truly enjoys that task. Why can't Mike have the same desire?
Jessie said…
Oh man - all the Jim/Other-Jim stuff is making my head spin! Weird that I'm going to have that on my hands too someday! (and add in some extra confusion since Bon goes by Bon instead of some form of James - though it's not on any official documents)

Glad that Other Jim got to go to EFY - such FUN!

And your Second Generation Jim (a J2?) sure is a great guy - a Happy Belated Father's Day to him!
Dennis said…
I have been called Denny all my life and I don't like it. Professionally I have always been known as Dennis and I prefer that although my family and a very few close friends can call me Denny. Some people at work call me Denny and I have asked them to call me Dennis - and then there is Dennis the Menace. I don't know when I outgrew Denny but I just did.
Jen - not only do Jimmy and Jim have the same last name but they also have the same middle name. I have a suggestion - why not call Jim )the Dad) III and Jim the son IV, but I don't know how to pronounce III or IV.