Coming apart at the seams

My serger broke again. It was the FIRST time I used it since it broke last time (and suffered for three weeks without it) and another piece broke off of it not 10 minutes into working on a project. I wasn't even able to finish the one item I was working on even though it was just a quickie thing (shorts for Hayley). ARRRGH!

I can tell you that I'm NOT taking it back to the place I had it fixed last time. They weren't very good in communicating with me. Several (all of them) messages on their business voicemail went unanswered.

Sergei, you betrayed me! I won't be able to trust you ever again!


Jen said…
I think it's time to put Sergei to rest and look for his replacement. Wait, don't you have another serger? I'm confused.
I do, but it's only a 3-cone one and I use it only for rolled hems. It doesn't have a name. I need a 4-cone for regular garment construction (like Hayley's shorts)and I would LIKE to get a 5-cone one that does cover seams. But we'll see.

Tell Mike to watch for a package.
Jen said…
Oh, ok! Then sell both the ones you've got to get the 5-cone serger. I'll tell Mike to look for a package.