foot vs. meter

Did you miss me?

I'm focusing my attention on poetry right now (and I've forgotten to bring my camera to post-worthy events) so I haven't had the energy (or pictures) to post. I didn't blog about the track banquet (Paul got his letter for track and got his Sub-5 club t-shirt)and...well, that was about it, really. Last night was the end-of-the-year Carillon Children's Choir concert, which I accompanied. It went well. And it was Hayley's last time; she's 12 and now too old.

This is what I've been doing in my blog-absence. I've been practicing my accentual-syllabic verse-writing skills.

1. 2 lines of anapestic trimeter verse (BOLDed syllables are where the stresses are)

From the BED to the WINdow it FLOATS
On a BREEZE from some LAUGHing wee STOATS

2. Rhyming couplet in iambic pentameter

he CALLED my NAME from UNderNEATH the TREE
"come HOLD my HAND and SAY you LOVeth ME

3. Tercet with an aba rhyme scheme in iambic pentameter

i MOPPED the FLOOR with RAGS and WAter HOT
for BOYS with CLUMsy HANDS to DROP a POT

4. Two lines of blank verse

when TIRED of WORK i SIT and KNIT and THINK
of WORK i NEED to DO when KNITting ENDS

The assignment didn't say it had to be GOOD poetry.

I'm off to write more. Next up, a sonnet and a villanelle (whatever that is. I suppose I'll learn)


Jen said…
Sounds like you're busy as usual. Tell Paul congrats from us. His jacket is well-deserved. Is Hayley sad that she won't be in the choir anymore? I'm sure she always did a wonderful job.

Thanks for the short lesson on poetry. It's about all I'll need in this lifetime. Poetry is/was never my thing. I like the things I read to be straightforward. I just finished reading The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime (courtesy of your mother) and talk about straightforward.